How to Seduce a Single Mom During a Vacation

I have friends who are “Singles Moms” and I asked them to let me in to a little secret on what makes them give in to a man whom they happen to meet while on a vacation getaway. So guys, listen, you might find this useful when you’re caught in the situation wherein you could not get that hot momma out of your head.

Nice Guys vs. Bad Guys

Generally single moms had already gotten over that Bad-Boy-Syndrome. Younger singles are more prone to this syndrome, wherein they find bad boys more attractive because of the so-called thrill and excitement of being with a guy who’s into anything. It’s a challenge for girls to be able to tame the bad-boy type. But for some of these unmarried women with kids on the side, this might be a “been there, done that” situation. So expect that Mr. Nice Guy has a chance of scoring higher on single moms.

Act Sensitive and Mature

They are no longer into games therefore guys should take note that to attract the attention of a single mom, act mature! Do not act like you’re just there to sow your wild oats. Appear to be disinterested with the bikini models passing by and focus your attention to her. Manifest your sincerity by keeping those wandering eyes from gorgeous temptress around you,

Yes, the Kids!

Do not be discouraged of the situation that her kids are around. Instead take advantage of this by being extra-nice to her kids and their mother would more likely fall into your charms. You’re lucky if you get the kids’ side. If you can not catch the mother’s attention at your first attempt, then try being friendly to her kids. They might introduce you to their mom as their newfound playmate and from there you could start with a nice conversation. You may also want to spend the time with her and her kids during day, and go solo with her after the sun sets. Act like a perfect gentleman when the children are around, this will give you a passport to get kinky when it’s just the two of you.

Be Sensible

Talk with sense! single mom or not, I think before you make those physical moves, have a sensible conversation with her. Have an ample amount of confidence but not to the point of being conceited. Don’t be too obvious that you’re just showing your good side because you want to get laid.

Sense of Humor Never Fails

I advised that you act mature and talk with sense, but cut the drama. Single moms have enough worries that they do not need another baby to take care of. Know what to divulge and what to you need to keep mum about. Make the conversation light and inject a sense of humor, but do not exaggerate.

Good luck on your endeavor in chasing that hot single mom while you’re on a holiday. My final advice for you is to avoid reeking with the smell of cigar and alcohol when you first approach her. First Impression lasts!


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