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5 ways to hide the body of a dead gigolo 

A mere fun ‘hard party’ night of 5 girls and a gigolo in a hotel can turn out to be critical if the gigolo is found dead next morning. Here are 5 ways the girls can hide the body of the dead gigolo. 

Sexy beer commercial

Bavaria rides high on flair and sexyness.

Bikini party in Boise, Idaho

Bikini party at the local nightclub.

Hooters waitress serving beer

Takes it for a real spin in this video clip.

Why you should not travel with children

How to clean your Jacuzzi cheap and quick

Bacteria and dirtyness, no good. If you have a jacuzzi and have to clean it yourself. Here’s a nice litle tip.

White guy CAN dance

A fantastic performance from this white man at Nikki Beach Miami.

Beach Play: How To Get Noticed

When you're on the beach, you'll want to play around a little bit. What are the best ways to enjoy yourself on the beach and what will get you noticed?

Have you ever had a polite conversation with your girlfriend’s dad?

Dad: I just want you to know that. If you ever do anything with my daughter that you wouldn’t be willing to do in front of a baby orphan I will murder you. I have a hunting knife in my nightstand and I will slit your neck open. I’ll hide your body in the woods and animals will live in it as it decomposes and no one will ever find you.

The Johnny Nachos photo

Have you ever been eating nachos while having sex? Did you take a photo while doing it? Meet Johnny.

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