Guide to all-inclusive cruises including alcohol

Want an all-inclusive cruise holiday where also alcohol is included? Read our definitive guide.

Prices of beer, wine and spirits on Royal Caribbean Cruises

Here’s a list of prices of drinks on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ ships.

Prices of beer, wine and spirits on Carnival Cruises

Here’s an updated guide to the prices of drinks on Carnival Cruises.

The Dangers of a Baby Oil Tan

Baby oil, which does not contain any sunscreens or sun blocks, heats up under
the sun and essentially “cooks” the outer surface of the body, in much
the same way as meat is browned in a skillet. 

Yes, I used olive oil to get a sexy tan

Olive oil can be used to speed up your tanning process.

How Beta Carotene pills made me go from pale to bronzed

Oh, what we do for bronzed skin. Read about my experience with Betacarotene pills.

10 reasons for not dating fat men – deconstructed

This is quite possibly the most pathetic thing I’ve read in my whole
life. It’s quite obvious that the author has an I.Q. below 80. The
amount of logical fallacies and claims that are groundless in this set
of ten reasons is obese at best.. no pun intended.

How to become bikini fit for the summer: 7 essential tips

Let’s take a look at some tips to get bikini ready for the summer.

3 reasons why I prefer skinny women

I love women but I think I am a little biased. I like skinny women, especially those in bikinis and no-show tan lines

Dubai luxury living: Yellow Ferrari, pool, creek

The living is easy in Dubai. Here are some photos.

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